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Our mission is to provide a quality information service to international students who are interested in studying in the overseas education. In addition the company provides a web counselling service to students around the world who do not have easy access to any of our offices.

Our associate International partners/consultants in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada also supports students while they are studying overseas and help students to find employment on completion of their studies.

Ultimately our aim is to provide answers to all questions students have on studying in the overseas so that they can make an informed decision about what is best for their future.

We will give you detailed and honest advice on every aspect of studying in USA/UK from finding the right course, advice on scholarships, tuition fees, living costs, how to apply for a student visa as well as details on part time employment and full time employment on completion of courses. Through this we will help to ensure that you make the right decision to select the correct course at the most appropriate university to help suit your own aspirations and future plans..

Marangoni Internship
Every year Optima International offers a number of competitive scholarships for the Undergraduate and Master Programmes. To participate, students must fulfill certain criteria regarding academic and financial status,age and citizenship.
Optima symbiotic culture is built on innovation, creativity and sharing. Our organisation reinforces corporate working patterns while preserving the individuality of those working for it, and that has proved a key asset in the company’s growth and development.
In-depth counselling to help you to select the right course at the most suitable university in using our database with details on courses and our well resourced reference libraries. Web counselling is also available for students who do not have easy access to any of our offices.